Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Sorry it has been a few days, I have been very busy, with job hunting, preparing to move, and some medical stuff. I have to share part of this, i thought it was really funny yesterday when I get home from my dr, with a new birth control pill that was perscribed to me ONLY to help, with the heaviness of my periods, and the horrible pain, with them. I have never had issues in this area before so it sent me in, and they find Endometriosis, so I weigh my options, talk with the dr, find issues with my ovaries and decide to try this WELL, I get home and read the pill box and find out the COMMON side effects are what Headache, Nasuea, vomitting, menstrual pain, bleeding between periods, and chest pain...THESE WERE THE THINGS THAT SENT ME TO THE DR....I started doing some research and asking some questions and I found out most medications, have the side effect of what they are perscribed to help. Obviously not everyone gets them, or they wouldnt be at all effective, I just think sometimes people blindly go into things and take this magic pill expecting it to be a cure all when in fact it can just double up the pain! I just wanted to share this little tid bit with you my loves~

Thursday, May 19, 2011


You always hear misery loves company, and I have to wonder why. Shouldn't you want those that you care about and surround yourself with to be happy, even when you aren't? The more popular social networking becomes, the more clear it is that there is always someone that will revel in your pain, that is just the ugly truth in it all.
However there is also always someone there that will pick you up, hold your hand and try to get you through the pain.Somtimes for me the person that does that is the last person I expected. Today it was my boys Tyler and Thomas. We took a little trip to Walmart just to pick up a handful of things, and get out of the house. They ended up turning my foul mood into pure giddy. It was just one of those days that you wake up and things are icky, and my two little boys without even trying made it perfect. We ended up spending the better part of three hours going back and forth giggling and looking at things. Something about the way they talked to each other, and asked me questions was so sweet. They are 10 1/2 months apart, Thomas is 4 Tyler 5, Tyler also has Autism, and the slight delay makes them even more like twins, then they already seem at just 10 months apart. If you take the time to just notice the simple things in your life,sometimes the pain just goes away.
I know it sounds silly to say focusing on the good makes life good, but it really does.Everyone has a bad day,week or even year, and trust me I have gone through some very trying times, but you cant live life focusing on those things. You have to take every good thing that happens to you and hold on tight to it! Even if it is something as simple as your kids enjoying the time you spend together, or your husband getting up to bring you some water just because you dont want get up. It doesnt have to be something big, just something good!
I like to think there is some balance in life, eventually, and for all the hell you have to pay there is equal if not more rewards! That my friend is the pretty poop of it all.

Monday, May 16, 2011

You have to wonder

Today has been full of things that make me wonder what life would be like if I had gone on that second date with Chef Jason...(at the time he was John Travoltas Personal chef)..or what if I had been able to finish bootcamp for the navy, or had the money for college.
Would I be sitting here listening to my 5 kids play? Would I have spent all day folding clothes,picking up and tripping over the same toys I have been for the last 8 years?
I wonder if I would be shopping without the worry of money and just spending to spend because my only responsibility is to myself...
Then it happens, I hear that giggle or alugh that makes me realize this is what I am supposed to do. I am right where I need to be. I am here making my mistakes, learning life's lessons from my children, and it is all I need. I suppose it is human nature to wonder what might have been, or to want those things we dont have. How often though are we happy when we get them?
Today I was watching a movie while folding clothes and Hailey (my youngest and only girl) who is almost 17 months came up with a huge smile and dancing. She thrust her hips back and forth and does this head tilt...she was so funny and proud. I just blurted out oh lord hailey please tell me you are going to be a Ballerina and not a stripper and she lifted up her shirt and ran away...I am hoping this was just a silly thing she did and not her answer lol...still though how can you not love your life when something like this happens.
Sitting here right now I was just given a Gardenia from my bush by my oldest...I could scold him for pulling flowers off my bushes or I could take it for what it is the sweetest gesture out there and be thankful that he wants to give me flowers.
I guess my point to this is, sometimes life doesnt turn out the way we think it should or hope it will and that is the ugly truth, sometimes walking out the door you get baby barfed on and dont realize it until you are at your job interview because your would be boss tells you (yes true story) but the pretty poop of it all is that if you take a moment to not be angry about it all and not feel totally overwhelmed you will see that you have it made. Weather you are the high power career woman or the stay at home mom, you can find happiness even in the poopiest of days!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just about this blog

Hey all I just wanted to take a quick minute, to say that I hope you enjoy this blog. I am a 26 year old mother to four amazing and wild boys, and one beautiful little princess. I have been married 8 years to a marine, and I always hear people asking why they were never told what it is really like to be pregnant, or be a mom and I decided that I would just share bits and pieces here and there about all The Ugly Truths, and Pretty Poops of my life....
I am sure this title seems a little out there, but that is what being a mom is there are a lot of ugly truths yet somehow kids have a way of making even the poop pretty!

I hope you all enjoy what is to come!